Denise E.


Having lived in San Francisco for 17 years with access to an extensive network of alternative health practitioners, I am extremely picky. My previous acupuncture experiences had been very positive but after seeing Neva, it quickly became clear that her level of care was something I had not experienced previously.  She treats the whole person, not just focusing on one specific ailment or issue, and gives you her full, undivided attention. Her extensive experience coupled with incredible intuition is a rare find and that's why I have been seeing her for going on 3+ years. She’s also just a cool/fun person to talk to!

- Denise E.


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Jodi NeufeldDenise E.
Trinity M.


I started seeing Neva Healer in early 2014 and she has become an integral and vital part to my self care and health maintenance. I originally sought treatment for recurring/chronic kidney/urinary tract infections and she was incredibly knowledgeable about alternative treatments, supplements, and herbs as well as offered support in tandem with the western medical treatment I was under. It became obvious that once my issues began to resolve I would continue seeing Neva for my overall health and wellbeing. Neva is professional but provides a comfortable, welcoming environment and always gives you 100% of her focus, presence, and care during treatments. In addition to treating the underlying roots of physical health issues, she offers tremendous emotional and spiritual support. She has strong intuition and really listens to my body; I always leave appointments feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, or sometimes energized depending on what sort of treatment she feels like my body needs. I never hesitate to refer friends and family to her, and would highly recommend making an appointment for any issues (physical health, mental health, emotional wellbeing, etc) you might be experiencing.

 - Trinity M.


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Jodi NeufeldTrinity M.
Caitlin S.


Neva has been my sole acupuncturist for over two years now, and in that time I have experienced major healing both physically and mentally. Her treatments and guidance have improved my fertility and menstrual cycles, eased shoulder and back pain, alleviated headaches, and vastly improved my mental and emotional state.  In addition to being a superb practitioner, Neva always provides clarity, motivation and support that helps me to continue the healing from her treatments into my personal self care.

- Caitlin S.


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Jodi NeufeldCaitlin S.
Leslie E.


After the loss of beloved ones, I suffered what I see now as debilitating depression, causing sleeplessness, anxiety, and sadness.  Combined with sciatica nerve pain, I could barely function.  Neva Healer was recommended to be by a naturopath and I will always be grateful for this. I immediately felt a connection with Neva.  She is totally focused on her patient in an honest, kind, gentle manner.  After a few sessions, I could already see, feel and know I was responding. Her knowledge and practice in this Ancient Medicine was the beginning of my healing.  Four years later our sessions are mostly filled with laughter and joy of successes.  I’ve learned coping skills to handle adversity.  I am a person again.  I cannot recommend Neva highly enough.  She has changed my life and this 60 year old is enjoying every minute of it!  Thank you Neva.

- Leslie E.


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Jodi NeufeldLeslie E.
Wyatt H


Neva is my favorite caregiver.  See her (Now! Today!) for whatever your most immediate mental or physical health issues are, and stay for the life-changing miracles she will help foster within yourself. I know that sounds mystical and esoteric, but it's really her truth. And can be your truth, too!

As a mid-30s male suffering from an early-onset mid-life crisis and seemingly late-life aches and pains and ailments, she has been an unexpected well-spring of support, healing, and growth. She brings so much more to her warm table than just her precisely intuitive Five Elements approach. First she heals you in the practical, efficient methods of Chinese medicine, and then helps you to better see yourself and illuminates the path toward greater self-improvement. It is a rare gift.

I only now understand the potential of holistic medicine. I have never felt more heard and supported then during my sessions in her beautiful, calm oasis of an office. It is like the sanctuary and peace you would hope to find at the end of a spiritual journey. Her treatments and approach mend and strengthen the mind and spirit as much as the body.

Neva is a wonderful, warm, patient, intelligent, thoughtful, kind, compassionately encouraging human being and a true healer. She doesn't have bedside manner - she has bedside charm and an ever present twinkle in her eye. In her care I would trust anyone I love and cherish.

- Wyatt H

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Jodi NeufeldWyatt H
Stacey P.  


I have been an occasional patient of Neva's for several years, and a (very!) consistent patient in the last 6-8 months. In that time, I have seen improvement in my mood, anxiety level, hormonal balance, and overall energy level. Above all, Neva has been a skilled and steadfast companion and guide on the spiritual path. If you are a person who is on the "road less travelled", Neva will not only "get" you, she will actually make you feel better on the journey! In all honesty, I would not see another practitioner. Her presence is exquisite, and her work is nothing short of miraculous.

- Stacey P.  


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Jodi NeufeldStacey P.
Sandra V.


I have been coming to Neva Healer since 2014. What can I say, only that I truly believe that she is the sole reason that I am able to keep up with and cope with my very busy life! I am a mother, wife, full time student, amongst many other things. I have been coming to see Neva every other week for the past couple years and when I come to her office, I end up leaving a new vibrant me! She knows me very well now. She is in tune with my pulses (one of the ways she diagnoses) and when she feels a block she is able to release the blockage and move the energy. I joke around with her often about how I want her office to be my second home, hence receiving the healing she has to offer daily. Neva is above all, so knowledgeable, as well as inherently talented and passionate about what she does. I believe she helped me get pregnant as I was having a bit of trouble. She performed needle work on me throughout my pregnancy during 2015. I feel as though I am really taking care of my health by seeing Neva regularly. I recommend her to everyone I know!

 - Sandra V.


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Jodi NeufeldSandra V.
Rae S.


Neva is the best! I have seen several acupuncturists over the years with fair to good results. Honestly, I usually went to get acupuncture for the quiet relaxation more than anything else. It wasn't until Neva treated me that I realized what acupuncture was really all about and what it could do for my health and happiness

I've seen Neva consistently over the last four years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have seen improvement in my mood, my digestion, my skin, and my musculoskeletal system as a direct result of Neva's care.

Not only is she effective, but she is one of the most compassionate, kind, and authentic people I've ever met. Even if she sucked at acupuncture I still might go see her just for the good company! Luckily that's not the case though....

Do yourself a favor and give her a try. You won't regret it!

- Rae S.

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Jodi NeufeldRae S.